Malicious Compliance and Lateral Thinking can be used to challenge stupid legislation.

Image source: Texas SB8 | 2021–2022 | 87th Legislature

Here’s My Money — Take it!

Image source: Author created and supplied.

Pubic Body Hair Can Sometimes be a Problem but Every Now and Then, It’s a Solution.

Original image:

You Need to Fix it, Bruh.

Image source: Author created and supplied image/

I now know who has been making death threats.

Original image source:

I’ve been spitballing some new names and I think they should choose one of them.

Original Image source:

Response Letter Contest

The full story told from a beards side of a facial-hair drama

Image source:

A Heartfelt Unpublished Letter to a Theist.

Image source:

An In-depth Review of the Services Provided by my Stalker.

Image source: Me #notsorry

I Didn’t Realize that my Failure to Feel Victimized was Oppressing You.

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Michelle Steele

Writing for the love of it. A puntastic atheist, an awful cook, an amateur scientist. A noob on Medium but an expert on Quora.

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