Malicious Compliance and Lateral Thinking can be used to challenge stupid legislation.

There’s a concept called ‘malicious compliance’ that I’d like to introduce you to — I think it’s ideal for this ridiculous situation. Malicious compliance is all about conforming to the letter of the request/law… but not conforming to the spirit of it.

You can sue anyone for anything that contributes…

Here’s My Money — Take it!

Quora’s making some changes at the moment but it seems to be making them in very weird places.

Site scuttlebutt has it that Quora needs to see some greater returns and has a pretty poor track record of making bank… which is why it comes as a surprise that it…

Pubic Body Hair Can Sometimes be a Problem but Every Now and Then, It’s a Solution.

The Norwegian Women's Volleyball team got slapped with a fine for having the temerity to cover a bit more of their bodies with shorts.

“Norway’s beach handball players were each fined 150 euros for wearing shorts rather than the required bikini bottoms.” [source]

It’s a ridiculous situation. …

I’ve been spitballing some new names and I think they should choose one of them.

Q-Anon is a discredited fruitloop conspiracy started by ‘Q’, an anonymous poster(s) who first started quite modestly in the depths of a 4-Chan message board.

It’s a Q-wagmire of Q-razy claims which include, (but aren’t limited to):

That the world is run by a cabal of Satan-worshiping paedophiles.

That this…

An In-depth Review of the Services Provided by my Stalker.

So it turns out that I’ve been fired as a victim. My stalker abandoned me. What does one even do when their stalker announces “You can’t fire me, because I quit!

Is that even allowed?

I wasn’t forced to fire him after all. …

I Didn’t Realize that my Failure to Feel Victimized was Oppressing You.

I find myself in the weird position of maybe having to apologize to you (my lame-a$$ed stalker). This is my very first time dealing with a stalker who actively complains when their intended victim (in this case…me) refuses to respond as a stalker intends by:

  • Failing to feel victimized
  • Responding…

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